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Workshop for Kids And Students, and adult's Home, School, College & Institute, NGO, Office, Birthday Parties Avilable in Delhi, Ncr, Dlf, Gurugram.


Art & Craft, Clay, Drawing, Painting, Signing, Musical, Creative writing, Poems, Stories Telling Online Competition for Kids And Students, and adult's in Your Home, School, College & Institute, NGO, Office, Birthday Parties Avilable in Delhi, Ncr, Dlf, Gurugram. ( India )



About us


i am Sunil kumar, I am an Artist and Graphic Designer And Online & Home Tuition Specialist in Creative Art & Crafts Teacher for Kids & Adults', i living in New Delhi. I have been Painting Over 15 Years Market Projects & teaching. Painting Art & Crafts and many Art & Craft Courses. Working in Art is a great pleasure for me to teach art is my Profession, Find new Techniques is my duty to live the teaching of Art is my Challenge. I have seen many positive changes in Students, from the Discovery of a form of artistic expression. This site is the way i found to achieve the same objective, Art & Crafts Classes for Kids Girls & Ladies & Any One. Join and Enhance your creative talent. No experience is need to start painting with us in our Basics class. All you need is a desire to paint. I hope that everyone will enjoy the seasonal creative Art & Paintings that we created enjoy! Thank You for your support and faith in my work. WHATSAPP NO. 09650462136, 9312499180.




What materials do I need for a class ?

The recommended materials are suggestions required to make good quality artwork and are not premium priced. Please feel free to buy a substitute from your neighboring art stores or online. A recommended materials list is provided on our enrollment page for each age group.

What is right age join classes ?

We are the recommended and suggestions required Age Group 5 Year + Beginners And Adults.

How long are the classes ?

The classes will be of 45 Mintus TO 1 Hour in duration, with question times in between. We also help students after class through our community.

How many students would there be in a class ?

We aim to make world-class art education available to all. We use art techniques that are easier to follow in groups and it is individual class and 2 to 4 small group and typical to have 25, 50, 100 or more students in our classes. We are sure you will find our classes valuable irrespective of our attendance size and sincerely hope you will support our initiative.

What time are the classes ?

There are different classes available. The timings shown on the website are in the local timezone. The class timings are available in the enrollment confirmation email & your WhatsApp no. that will be sent to you as soon as enrollment is confirmed.

What should I do if my child cannot attend a session(s) ?

With the enrollment, you will have access to our online learning platform and the video tutorials for the month. Our video tutorials are essentially the same art instructions in a condensed form. However, we do not offer any bakeup classes and cannot reschedule your class.

Can I have someone else attend with me ( like a sibling or friend child ) ?

Absolutely. If you are visiting a friend or if a friend is visiting you and wants to attend our classes, please feel free to do so. However, we ask you not to share Zoom & GoogleMeet details with anyone else because we have specific numbers allowed for each class, and sharing the link takes a seat away from another person. This is not fair to others who may not be able to get into the online class in spite of having paid for it.

Do you have any sibling discounts ?

Yes. If the siblings are in the same age group, they are not required to have separate enrollments. However, if they are in different age groups, please reach out to us for sibling discounts.

How will my child receive feedback from the tutor? How do I know how my kid is doing in the class?

Our students are encouraged to post their artworks on the private Facebook group or our exclusive Circle community to receive feedback. The group is safe, private, and restricted to students only. If more attention is required we will reach out through FB messenger or email. Also, if a parent wishes to get 1:1 feedback, they are encouraged to do so by scheduling feedback time.

Do you record the classes ?

We value the privacy of our students and patrons and therefore we never record the Zoom classes. The video tutorial provided is painstakingly created by producing the artwork and illustrating each step before the class. But it all worth it because our students benefit from it.

Do you have referral rewards ?

Our referral program offers a reward for all Summer Camp referrals. The rewards are paid out at the end of the Summer Camp, subject to the condition that the enrollee completes the camp with us.
In our regular classes, we offer a reward of for each referral who enrolls with us, paid out at the end of the month. Both the referrer and referree should be enrolled with us for the referral program ( in regular classes ).
The rewards are paid out as Amazon Gift Cards.

What is your refund or cancellation policy ?

Refunds are not offered on a pro-rated basis and on short term programs like Art Camps.
For regular classes, we have a 1-week full refund policy. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our classes, you can claim a full refund if done within 7 days of the first class start date. An admin fee of 1 class fees will apply. No cancellations or refunds after this period.
No refunds are offered on the purchase of Online video tutorials.

How long can I access the online video tutorials ?

Online video tutorials are available for any student who is enrolled with us. You will have access to all the tutorials on the platform as long as you are a student.
If you enrolled you will have access for one year from the date of 1 month, 3 month's, 6 month's, 9 month's your enrollment.




W: 9650462136, 9312499180

West Patel Nagar
New Delhi - 110008 ( INDIA )
HOURS 10:00 AM TO 8:00 PM

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9650462136, 9312499180.
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